About Woven Link

WOVEN LINK AFRICA believes in elevating young people’s talents and nurturing youth programs that re-connect vocational education, entrepreneurship and employability. Also, provide all youth with greater opportunities for entrepreneurship employment and uptake of technology solutions.

Our goal is to improve quality of vocational education, entrepreneurship and employability opportunities. To enable youth meet their aspirations of securing a decent life and stable future, create social capital, innovation as well create a platform to grow careers and inclusion of technology in business. WOVEN LINK AFRICA develops tailor-made products that:

(a) Elevate the quality knowledge and skills amongst youth with minimal vocational education qualifications;

(b) Elevate the quality of work based learning programs

(c) Integrate technology solutions into youth programs that create entrepreneurship and employment opportunities;

(d) Support young professionals to re-enter the job market.

WOVEN LINK AFRICA provides a platform for youth to meet their aspiration in earning a liveable income that will enable them secure a decent life and stable future, as well create social capital, and grow their careers and business.

The WOVEN LINK AFRICA model focus is on five actors

(a) Youth led enterprises or organizations

(b) Enterprises or organizations with a larger percentage of youth staff

(c) Organizations that provide products and services for youth

(d) Regulatory institutions

(e) Financial institutions and Sacco/credit unions. 

“Youth confidence and role in the labour market is enhanced, when youth are able to weave their way through self-realization and creating a path for finding job opportunities or creating self-employment.” Flacia Nyamu

Our Values

Honesty/ Integrity

Honesty and integrity call for upholding the vision, goal and mission of the organisation.

Collaboration/ Unity

Team work contributes to the impact of the organisation  (other indirect values include reliability, optimism and respect)


Initiative, courage and optimism are some of the virtues that go a long way in demonstrating resilience in an organization setup.


Respect creates an environment of dignity, fairness, kindness, empathy and compassion.


Being purposeful means demonstrating commitment in every task or responsibility assigned.