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Woven Link Africa is a Consulting, Research & Mentorship firm. Woven Link Africa believes in elevating young people’s talents and nurturing youth programs that Re-connect Vocational Education, Entrepreneurship, and Employability.

We Strive to Unlock Organizations’ Capabilities, Young people and Youth Potential through Bespoke and Meaningful Work-based Learning Approaches.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We help young people and youth unlock their full potential.

Through experiential learning and integration of Technology, we help young people and youth to unlock their capabilities potential and work readiness for employment and entrepreneurship.

Our Values.

We advocate for teamwork, feedback and peer-learning in the design and delivery services of quality services to our clients and stakeholders.

Customer First

Proactive customer experiences.


Quality Work-Based Learning.


We foster ethics.


Change through Creativity and Innovation.

Our Mission

Our Inspiration.

Woven Link Africa is from the inspiration and believe that the process of developing quality human capital can be compared to the process of weaving quality cloth that is able to withstand considerable wash and wear. Just like cloth is made by interlocking several strands of yarn, the vocational education, entrepreneurship and employability capability we acquire through formal, informal and non-formal education and experiences are the interlocking linkages that develop human capital that is able to innovate and is resilient during change or disruptive times.

It is evident from our experience that youth are change agents of employment creation, when they are confident that their knowledge, skills and ability provide solutions for solving the constraints for accessing employment or self-employment opportunities. Therefore we believe that it is important to interlock skills.

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