Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Courses Kenya

Woven Link  is a Kenyan innovative skills development consultancy and training firm. In collaboration with India’s CellStrat, a leading research firm in emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other cutting-edge technologies, we have rolled out an online training program specializing in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies.

In this partnership, Woven Link has been mandated with the important role of enrollment and coordination of training across all countries in Africa. All the interested candidates in this program across the continent are required to REGISTER HERE and access payment information from the Woven Link team.

Our Focus Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence Lab – AI Lab members are working on cutting-edge projects in computer vision, natural language processing, text analytics etc.
  • Solution development – Python / Google TensorFlow, Amazon AI and Alexa Skills Set
  • Certification – Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks etc. leading into Internship & concluding in CellStrat Research Fellow Program
  • AI Content – India’s leading research and content program in AI space. Development of ML course content for leading learning companies.
  • Community Events – Disrupt4.0 community of 13950+ and growing members on meetup regularly engages in CellStrat’s talk and webinar series on both Business and technical aspects of AI and Machine Learning
Certificate programs in Artificial Intelligence - Cell Strat/ Woven Link Africa

Elective Specialisation Programs in Advance Deep Learning

  1. Deep Reinforcement Learning
  2. Hardware AI
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Computer Vision
  5. Artificial General Intelligence
  6. Quantum Machine Learning

Benefits of the AI Online Course

  1. Own content developed in-house
  2. In-house instructors
  3. In-house assignment checking and feedback by instructors
  4. Very high-touch two-way engagement
  5. Response time on queries: 2-10 mins
  6. Grounded prices (Ksh 11K – 42K) for 2-6 Months programs
  7. 300+ knowledge sessions/ yr. besides courses and recordings available for viewing later
  8. Deep level specialisations exist and more in making
  9. High focus on extra hands-on experience
AI & Machine Learning Course Outline
Data Science Training - Deep Learning Track


Program Duration Cost (Ksh)
Machine Learning (ML) 2 Months 10,054
Deep Learning (DL) 2 Months 16,756
AI Internship 6 Months 86,000
Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence (+ 1 Elective) 6+3 Months 50,268
Pytorch Program 1 Month 2,513
Natural Language Processing (NLP) 3 Months 25, 134
Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) 3 Months 25,134
Prime Membership 12 Months 1,310
Research Fellowship (Artificial Intelligence Lab) 12 Months 10,054


Professional Machine Learning & AI Training Program